Sikatrix is an Accounting and Tax firm registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and also registered Tax Practitioner with SARS. We provide a full suite of professional accounting, tax and advisory services for businesses in South Africa. We are capable of meeting all your accounting and tax and statutory needs. If you are a business owner, an individual tax payer or a trustee looking for services of Professional Accountants and or Tax Consultants, we are the right Company to deal with. We can help you no matter what your business’s financial situation.

If your accounting, financials or taxes are in arrears or are non-compliant, we can help you organise your books to achieve full statutory compliance. We enhance the quality of Management decisions and allow you to concentrate on your core business, through cost-effective outsourcing of accounting, secretarial, Financial Management, Taxation and Payroll services

No! We offer fixed fees linked to the value of what we provide. We're not always the cheapest and as with many things in life the cheapest is often the most expensive in the long run. However, we are not expensive and we offer excellent value for what we provide. Most importantly we never undertake additional work without agreeing the fee arrangements in advance so you always know where you stand.

Sikatrix specializes in a variety of accounting services with outstanding support. We understand how busy you are, and with our expertise we can take care of your accounting needs quickly and effectively. We are equipped to handle the books for you, leaving you to worry less and live more

It is mandatory for any business to register for VAT if the income earned in any consecutive twelvemonth period exceeded or is likely to exceed R1 million. Any business may choose to register voluntarily if the income earned, in the past twelve-month period, exceeded R50,000 i.e. voluntary registration. For voluntary registration, it is a requirement that the company keeps accurate accounting records.

No. Professional Accountants are not registered Auditors. We conduct independent reviews on financial statements. An audit requires an independent auditing team comprised of qualified auditors to review financial statements via various in-depth procedures.

These financial statements are comprised of transactions and documents provided by the business undertaking the audit. An audit provides the highest level of assurance, otherwise known as reasonable assurance. It therefore carries higher authority than a review. As an audit requires far more detailed investigation into a business’s financial statements, it is a more expensive option.

An independent review is the latest addition to the Companies Act that provides limited assurance. An accounting professional may review a business’s financial statements via particular enquiries with the aim of simply determining that no financial errors or miscalculations have occurred. This type of financial review requires less rigorous investigation, and the costs inevitably are less than expected for an audit.

While we are aware that there are many unscrupulous businesses out there that don’t deliver what they’ve promised, we are SAIPA accredited and in good standing, our professional body holds us accountable and expects nothing but the best from us.

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